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Games We Play

I have a young haflinger pony, who is far too smart and a very curious little girl. To work with this combination, I've started trying to teach her games.

This got me to thinking, we all like to play games, and it can be great fun to play games with your horse! Either on the ground or mounted games with others, you can learn a lot or just have fun.

What games do you like to play? Do you have little routines or games that you and your horse like to do?

I love "broom polo", though my pony is too green for such a game, and my horse is much to large. And I'd like to learn Ring Jousting at some point. Meanwhile, I think my pony and I might learn our own version of soccer. :)
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Me and my horse have a lot of fun just running around to gether. If I stop he'll push me with his nose till I pat him or tell him to stop.