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Name:The Original DW Horse Lovers Community
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Horses, horseback riding, and all things related
Open community for all horse lovers

Feel free to discuss any aspect of horses and all things related. Controversial topics okay but KEEP IT CIVIL-- debating is fine, but if you stoop to name-calling and bashing you will find yourself removed and banned from the community. This community is for all ages, so keep it clean, please.

You are welcome(and encouraged!) to post pictures of your horse(s), but please be sure you are the rightful owner of any photos you post. Do not post photos that belong to others without permission. If you just want to point out a horse you find particularly attractive(such as your favorite stallion), post a link to the website where the horse can be seen rather than posting his picture here. Please post all pictures behind a cut.


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